Office of the Secretary

The responsibilities of the office are the administration of general administrations , documentation works , secretarial works , finance, procurement of supply , personnel, public relations , legal affairs  and maintenance . In addition general facilitation services are also the responsibility of this office such as welfare of the officers, house-keeping, security and other facilities.

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Personnel
  • Procurement
  • Public Relations
  • Administration and Correspondence
  • Maintenance and Supplies

Division of Planning and Technical Coordination

  • Manipulate, monitor and evaluate departmental plans
  • Information center and technical support
  • Coordinate with international health organizations
  • Departmental library

Test Kit Center

Its main responsibilities are to provide supports on distribution, technology transfer and Technical support and initiation of research and production of test kits developed by the departmental researchers in order to solve the public health problems.

Public Sector Development Group

  • Recommendation advising the Department ofMedical Sciences on the development of bureaucracywithin the Departmentof Medical Sciences
  • Monitor, evaluateand reporton the development ofbureaucracywithin the Departmentof Medical Sciences.
  • Coordinationandimplementation ofthe developmentbureaucracywithcentral agenciesand otheragencies inthe Departmenttof Medical Sciences.
  • Work with and support the work of other agencies involved or assigned.