The present economic, social and environmental difficulties have had a great impact on our quality of life and health, for instance endemic or epidemic communicable diseases, re-emerging communicable and non-communicable diseases and also problems arising from sanitation and consumption of poor food or even health products.
           The Department of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Public Health has been founded with a main objective in promoting strategies to resolve these national and public concerns, particularly in research and development.
The Department of Medical Sciences (DMSc) was founded in March 10, 1942 under the auspice of the Ministry of Public Health. It was originally comprised 4 departments i.e. University Bureau, Department of Medicine, Department of Health, and Department of Medical Sciences (DMSc).
           Initially, DMSc was responsible for four areas i.e. drug quality control, vaccine production, medical laboratory diagnosis, and food analysis. In the past 60 years, occasional reorganization of the departmental structure has taken place to improve its efficiency and responsibilities to save the public nationwide.
In 2014, the department is organized to 10 divisions, 2 research institutes, 2 administrative office, and 15 Regional Medical Sciences Centers. All of these sectors except the regional centers are located at the Department headquarters in Nonthaburi province near the suburb of Bangkok.
           The 15 Regional Medical Sciences Centers are located in prominent provinces throughout Thailand, including Trang, Udon thani, Chonburi, Samut songkhram, Nakhon ratchasima, Khonkaen, Ubon ratchathani, Nakhonsawan, Phitsanulok, Chiangmai, Surat thani, Songkhla, Chiangrai, Phuket, and Nonthaburi.